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Tourist Destinations of India
India or Bharath is the Destination of the Millennium, a Land of All Seasons where beauty beckons, culture echoes, diversity delights and tradition talks. Those who reach India are greeted with a gracious Namasthe, Namaskaaram, Vanakkam or Sat Sri Akal denoting warmth, hospitality and respect - a tradition in tune with the country's age-old motto "Athidhi Devo Bhava" where the guest is treated as God. Blessed with mist clad mountain ranges, deep blue seas, enigmatic deserts, golden beaches, emerald green valleys, palm fringed backwaters on the one hand and unique art forms, exciting fairs and festivals, interesting pilgrim centres, exclusive heritage sites, royal forts, majestic monuments, architectural marvels and exotic flora and fauna on the other, this legendary land is unique in all aspects - it is no wonder that India has emerged as one among the Top Five Tourist Hotspots of the world, with a tremendous increase in tourist traffic all through the year.Discover and explore this wonderful peninsular subcontinent that is India, the land that projects Unity in Diversity - surrounded by the grand snow capped Himalayan ranges in the North, the spectacular coastline offered by the Arabian Sea in the West, the Vast Bay of Bengal in the East, and the awesome Indian Ocean in the South..

Cultural Tour India

has been considered to be a land with rich cultural heritage.

  • Classical India Tour
  • Colorful North India Tour
  • South India Classic

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Heritage Tour India

India has been considered to be a land with rich cultural heritage.

  • Golden Triangle Tour
  • Rajputana Heritage
  • Maharaja Retreat

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Adventure Tour India

India Trekking and Skiing in the Himalayas, White Water Rafting.

  • Trekking in Himalayas
  • Rafting & Camping North India
  • Jeep Safari Tours

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Wildlife Tour India

India is one of the richest regions on the planet in terms of unmatched variety of Flora and Fauna.

  • North India Wildlife
  • South India Wildlife
  • Taj Mahal with Tiger Tour

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Pilgrimage Tour Packages

India is a land of intense spirituality and religious faith reflected in the profusion of Temples.

Pilgrimage has always been the most essential part of every religion. Worshiping is our faith in the almighty and it is our way of being dependent on the supernatural powers of the God. India is regarded as the land of religion or dharma. This country is the land of various religions the reflection of which can be seen due to the existence of abundance of temples present here. India is a spiritual country, the spirituality here is not limited to the mosques, temples, and churches, and here religion is the life blood of the nation.

Large numbers of pilgrims come to India from all around the world as here one can see the conflux of many religions, India attracts pilgrims from all the nooks and corners of the world. Hinduism is considered to be the oldest religion in the country but it has been the birthplace of other religions like Jainism, Buddhism, Sufism and Sikhism. Visit ancient and most revered pilgrimage sites all over India using convenient and economical of autonoleggio. Indian sub-continent is also the home to several shrines of some of the chief religions of the world. In India one can see more diversity of various sects and religions then at any other country. All religions namely Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism and Sikhism have their places of worship in India.

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Rajasthan Tour Packages

Rajasthan, the mysterious land set amidst the isolated desert beauty, is a perfect paradise for travelers and ultimate tourist destination not to be missed while visiting India , Nepal and Sri Lanka . Rajasthan offers an experience you will appreciate for a lifetime. The land of Rajasthan is identical with romance and chivalry, which is vastly rich in culture, history and natural beauty. Rajasthan is always packed with colours, joy and friendliness.

Rajasthan mesmerize from miles of golden stretches of sand, to the changing the colours of magnificent forts, luxurious palaces and spectacular havelis, each a splendid architectural creation having a legend of its own. Beautiful temples dating back over centuries dot the entire state, making it a famous pilgrimage land for people from many faiths.

Rajasthan is also known for exquisite miniature paintings and frescoes, not forgetting the incredible fabulous Rajasthan fabrics and jewellery along with a wide range of beautiful handicrafts.

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North India Tour Packages

North India with its diverse landscape is the perfect destination for those seeking thrill and adventure. Surrounded by the mighty Himalayas in the North and the Ganges in the south, the rugged landscape of North India provide the perfect setting for some incredible adventures.

North India Tours provides the perfect opportunity for adventure lovers who want to climb the freezing mountain peaks of the Himalayas or conquer the white water rapids of the Ganges in Rishikesh. Tourists who embark on a journey to explore North India get to see a fascinating array of shrines, temples, palaces and attend numerous fairs and festivals that highlight the cohesiveness that pervades through India 's multi-cultural society.

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Golden Triangle Tour Packages

The Golden Triangle Tours of India is the saga of royal splendor and statement of power. This tour package invariably includes a trip to Delhi, the capital of India, Agra city of Taj Mahal and Pink City Jaipur capital of Rajasthan. Delhi, Agra and Jaipur are the three corners of this fascinating triangle, without touring which, India tours is considered incomplete.

Golden Triangle Tour in India is the most popular tour which covers Delhi Agra and Jaipur of Rajasthan. This triangle of three cities perfectly captures the pageantry of India. This itinerary combines a Colonial style stay with ancient Forts and Palaces and the three cities of the Golden Triangle without any of the long drives usually involved in this target. It also gives you all the sightseeing you need plus some special time to chill out and relax at some beautiful and lesser known locations. A gorgeous panorama of majestic architectural creations and a rich tradition of art and culture. Here you can see some of the images that epitomize India. The marble symphony of Shahjahan’s Taj Mahal, the imperial elegance of Lutyen’s New Delhi, and the splendor of the desert city of Jaipur. Every city offers its unique blend of sights, sounds and experiences. From the opulence of the Mughal empire to the vibrant life of modern India. We would recommend that you start your tour at Delhi, which is connected to most cities in the World. From Delhi, Agra is 204 km, Jaipur 237 km away.

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Kerala Tour Packages

Kerala is located on the southern tip of India with the Arabian Sea in the west and the Western Ghats towering 500 – 2700 m in the east. Kerala is divided into three regions – the coastal lowlands, the fertile midlands and the highlands. The lowlands of Kerala are networked by endless backwaters and the deltas of forty four rivers. The midlands are rich with cashew, coconut, areca nut, tapioca, banana, rice, ginger, pepper, sugarcane and vegetable plantations. The forested highlands abound in tea, coffee, rubber and spice plantations and wildlife.

Kerala is renowned for its serene beaches, lush wildlife, mesmerizing backwaters, stunning houseboat cruises and hill stations. It’s not surprising that the Kerala tourism department have coined the phrase "God's own country" to advertise Kerala tourism. Travel by road is the best option to explore Kerala.

This web site is a present to the lovers of tourism and travel & tour trade who look to travel in Kerala. This century demands a change in the approach towards tourism and tours & travel in Kerala. This web site provides information on basic infrastructure facilities like hotels, travel by road, rail and flight in Kerala.

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